A No-Bullshit Approach for Family Photographer Education

I don't give advice unless I am certain of the outcome. So take my advice, or don't, but 9 times out of 10 you will come back and say I was right. 

I still have actual clients. My business advice is not theoretical, it's based in actual client experience that is current. Photographer first, educator second.

I won't try to sell you on something you don't need. If I think you only need a 1-hour strategy call to push you in the right direction, that's what I will recommend. If I don't think you are in a place to truly benefit from my 1:1 mentoring or group coaching, I promise to tell you that.

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"What Colie offers is a business workflow refresh in general. With her attention to detail, thoughtful solutions to problems, and deep-dive approach, you thought of things I didn't know I needed. Colie, you're the best!"


Hey, I'm Colie! I believe everyone deserves to run the business of their dreams.


My teaching career started back in 2001, helping undergraduates learn math and statistics in both online and traditional classrooms. In 2008 we decided to relocate to the Foothills of Colorado and shortly after the birth of my daughter, I pivoted towards a career as a photographer.

In 2013 I offered my first lifestyle family photography workshop online, reigniting my role as an educator. I have mentored hundreds of photographers wanting to learn how to build their own lifestyle + documentary family photography businesses. My mom is just happy I am still putting my degrees and college education to good use ;)


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You deserve a business that works for you, but you have to work for it.

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